Dried Morel Mushrooms

Dried Morel Mushrooms

Time: 4 hrs 20 mins


  • morel, freshly picked
  • 1 gallon water, cold
  • 1 cup salt


  • 1 Soak morels for up to 4 hours in salt water. The mushrooms are hollow, and the salt water will kill any little bugs that might be living in them.
  • 2 Drain and rinse with fresh water.
  • 3 Slice at least one side of the mushrooms.
  • 4 Lie mushrooms on a towel.
  • 5 Direct the air flow of a small fan onto the mushrooms and let dry up to 24 hours.
  • 6 The mushrooms will reduce in size drastically. When they are dry, bag them in a ziplock bag and throw them in the freezer to use later.
  • 7 Reconstituting Mushrooms:.
  • 8 Soak mushrooms in broth, wine, or water for up to 5 minutes. They will spring back to the size they were when they were picked.
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